Influencers School

Module ONE


Module ONE: Develop Your Leadership Potential

This 16 week module covers different aspects of serving, leadership and discipleship and will train you to be effective in the area of leadership you are called to. 

This module is broken up into two 8 week parts:

Part A:

The first 8 weeks are made up of our DNA and Growth Track Courses. DNA is a 4 week course for those who are new to the church and teaches you about who we are and what we believe. Growth Track is another 4 week course for those who want to get involved in the life of the church through serving and will identify your gifts and talents and where you can outwork these in the church. These free courses are offered at any of our Influencers Australia Campuses, please see your campus for more details or visit for more information.  


See your local campus for details. 



Part B: 

Once you are connected into serving in an area of the church you can commence Part B of the module and develop your leadership skills.

Part B consists of 8 sessions and will cover the following subjects: 

1.  The Leadership Journey

2.  You as a Communicator

3.  Leading from behind

4.  The Holy Spirit

5.  The Matthew Legacy

6.  Why only few are chosen

7.  Now What?

8.  Celebration


Specific dates will be provided closer to intake time.


$200 per person.