Compliance Officer

Denise can be described in one word...Scottish. She lives, breathes, eats, sleeps Scotland and Compliance. One of the reasons the College is operating today is largely thanks to Denise and the incredible work she does keeping us accredited and compliant. Denise was an ILC intern in 2011, and joined the staff in 2012. She is a passionate intercessor, and loves being the hands and feet of Jesus. The reason Denise enjoys working at ILC is that everyday she sees people being equipped in the purpose of God.


Denise is married to David, and has 3 daughters. She loves reading, coffee, and being part of the "ladies who lunch" (a group of ladies that do lunch together). Amongst parenting teenagers and toddlers, Denise loves to dazzle audiences with her dramatic performances on stage.


We love Denise, and the energy and culture she brings to ILC.



"It's a long road that's no got a turnin'" Denise Craig, 2015

Translation: Don’t lose heart in dark times, things can’t keep going in the same direction forever.