Studies Stream Subjects


Below are the subjects studied in our Cert IV Studies Stream. They are broken down into core subjects and elective subjects. To complete the qualification, students must complete all core subjects as well as a minimum of 6 electives totalling at least 165 elective hours.

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Core Units (click the blue subject to find a description)

Unit: Provide Personal Leadership (BSBMGT405A)

 - Personal Leadership Development

Unit: Work within the administration protocols of the organisation (CHCADMIN305F)

 - Value of Administration and Process 

Unit: Research the Bible and prepare a sermon (CHLLDM401A)

- Part A - Develop your Spiritual Life
- Part B - How to Study the Bible
- Part C - How to prepare a sermon outline

Unit: Explore Christian leadership insights (CHLLDM403A)

- Part A - Lessons from Biblical Leaders 
- Part B - Foundations of Christian Leadership
- Part C - Jesus' Leadership Style

Unit: Research principles of healthy Church life (CHLCPM401A)

 - Insights into a healthy Church 

Unit: Explore foundational Christian beliefs (CHLBAT401A)

- Part A - Exploring Salvation
- Part B - Exploring the Bible
- Part C - Exploring God as Father

Unit: Explore the foundations of Christian identity (CHLBAT402A)

- Part A - Exploring Romans
- Part B - Exploring Ephesians

Unit: Survey the Bible (CHLBAT403A)

- Part A - Old Testament Survey
- Part B - New Testament Survey



Electives - minimum of 6 units (totaling to at least 165 hours)

Unit: Explore relationships and family issues - 20 hours (CHLLDM404A)

- Explore relationships and family issues

Unit: Explore ministry skills - 30 hours (CHLCPM403A)

- Part A - Discovering your ministry
- Part B - Evangelism made easy
- Part C - Caring for new people

Unit: Explore Biblical books - 20 hours (CHLBAT404A)

- Exploring the Gospel of John

Unit: Explore the Christian Church - 20 hours (CHLBAT405A)

- Part A - Exploring the Church
- Part B - Exploring the Last Things

Unit: Explore the Nature of God - 45 hours (CHLBAT406A)

- Part A - Exploring the nature of God 
- Part B - Discovering the Holy Spirit
- Part C - Discovering the real Jesus

Optional Electives (choose 30 hours from the following Electives)

Unit: Analyse the Synoptic Gospels - 20 hours (CHLBAT507A)

- Analyse the Synoptic Gospels

Unit: Explore Children's ministry - 30 hours (CHLCPM402A)

- Explore children's ministry

Unit: Explore music and worship in the Church - 30 hours (CHLCPM404A)

- Explore music and worship in the Church

Unit: Follow OH&S procedures - 10 hours (CUSOHS301A)

- Work safe


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